Next Generation Healt LLC

Established: 2004

Executive Director: Baasansuren Buyan

Since August 2004, a branch of Bridge Corporation, Bridge LLC has been importing and supplying drugs, biologically active products, pharmaceutical equipment and machinery. In 2016, Bridge LLC established Next Generation Health LLC, dedicated only to life industry, for instance, pharmaceutical industry, to continue and
grow its operation and create more professional procedure.
Next Generation Health LLC has been importing following products with legal permission and license from Mongolian Ministry of Health to import and supply in Mongolia.
  • Stronger Neo-Minophagen C, a glycyrrhizin that protects liver against hepatitis C virus polyprotein, from Japanese drug suppliers Cokey Co., Ltd. Minophagen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. since 2004.
  • Seirogan from Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. since 2008.
  • Kamilari from Indian Nupal Remedies Pvt. Ltd., since 2008.
As the liver disease is likely to increase due to factors such as weather, air pollution, food, bad habits of life, our company is focusing on providing variety of products that improve and supply liver function. In addition, we are proud to supply hospital, laboratory, educational equipment and machinery, which complies with international
standard, into Mongolian market from below listed companies:

As of today we are cooperating with 120 private and public drug suppliers and pharmacies in Mongolia. In the future, our company aims to manufacture and export competitive drugs and supplements on the international market with Mongolian animal and plant-based raw materials which will be produced by using advanced
technology of developed countries.
"BRIDGE PLAZA" Bayanzurkh district
Enkhtaivan avenue,
Ulaanbaatar-51, Mongolia
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