Corporate Philosophy

Our Bridge Corporation’s Philopsophy

Bridge Corporation aims to become the Bridge between Mongolia and the other countries in areas including economy, business, culture and spirit of the people by nourishing with kindness Passion and Faith at the world
stage, and, creating NEW WEALTH with ceaseless Endeavor and executing business activities persistently and continuously.


Our mission

Create the World Leaders of the Business Field
If you don’t create a mission, trouble comes near
Everyone strives to be a Leader and an Innovator in the work field. Development of the company and human resources is the two sides of the coin. And we develop the business by thinking globally.
Be Innovative
General Trading Company with wide scope of business. We strive to overcome the challenges to sustain the improvement for weight to new business direction in the scope resent all business activities and continually improve the competitiveness and expansion of our General Trading Company in domestic and international
market through “discovering and developing the diversified demands of customers and supply cost-saving products and services with best conditions” in order to adapt in the rapidly changing social and economic development

Social development- Our responsibility

We make every effort to create a affluent civil society in terms of emotional well being as well as material prosperity and to make a contribution to protect the mother earth and natural environment.

Fair and transparent company

We prefer the fair and ethical activities and we exercise open and transparent operation. We strive to be a reachable company which provides an opportunity to challenge themselves to reach their passion and mission and every person proud of his job from the heart.

Our slogan

NEW CHALLENGE, NEW VALUE everyday for Growth

Every employees of the Bridge Corporation shall use the tangible and intangible resources such as company’s history, reputation, human resource and brand in the most effective ways. Everyday, everyone thinks creatively and out of common mind and create new business ideas and new values. Thus, we are describing this idea by creating Corporation slogan as New Challenge, New Value everyday for growth.
We carry out a wide range of business activities and our skilled employees solves problems with new and the most optimal approach and challenge themselves to create new value in order to be successful.
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Ulaanbaatar-51, Mongolia
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