Tanizam LLC

Established: 2010

Executive Director: Dorjderem Chirchin

Tanizam LLC was established as a joint venture with the Japanese NIPPO Corporation in 2010 in order to achieve the highest excellence in the Mongolian road construction sector. The company provides a comprehensive range of road and bridge construction services, as well as a rental service for construction equipment and machineries.

Equipment and machinery      Pcs       Models

Asphalt paver                          4          NIGATA NF60, HANTA

Loader                                     2          KOMATSU

Water truck                             2          HINO FS600B, MITSUBISHI MORITA

Roller                                      7          SAKAI T2, SAKAI R2S/PR2, SAKAI SW750, SAKAI TW500

Dump truck                             9          BAOTOU BEIBEN WD615.50 2534 

"BRIDGE PLAZA" Bayanzurkh district
Enkhtaivan avenue,
Ulaanbaatar-51, Mongolia
Tel: (976-11) 450520, 450941, 458005
Fax: (976-11) 458005
E-mail: bridge@bridgegroup.mn
Web: www.bridgegroup.mn
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