Everyday Farm LLC

Established: 2013

Executive Director: Altantsetseg Davaajav

In accordance with a memorandum of cooperation between the Mongolian and Japanese governments in the field of agriculture and farming, this company was established as a joint venture between Everyday International LLC of Mongolia and FARMDO LLC of Japan.

Our mission is to create a sales network for fresh strawberries, as well as a variety of other organic fruits and vegetables in our home country with the aid of Japanese advanced technology, supplying goods directly from the farm to the consumers.

Types of main activities:

  1. Strawberry farming, sales of plants and fruits  
  2. Various vegetable greenhouse farming
  3. Seed and plant nursery  
  4. Fruit tree nursery, forestry  
  5. Agricultural training, sales of agricultural and greenhouse equipment  
  6. Drive-in full service for holiday and travel /travel agriculture/  
  7. Vegetable and fruit processing industry  
  8. Renewable energy production
"BRIDGE PLAZA" Bayanzurkh district
Enkhtaivan avenue,
Ulaanbaatar-51, Mongolia
Tel: (976-11) 450520, 450941, 458005
Fax: (976-11) 458005
E-mail: bridge@bridgegroup.mn
Web: www.bridgegroup.mn
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