Mind Mongolia LLC


Established: 2007

Executive Director: Tumur Ulziibat


This company was established to provide geological survey, general survey, and geodesy/ cadastral mapping. Our team includes highly experienced geologists and experts who can advise customers on the best geological survey and mapping solutions for their mining operations.

General scope of works


  • Consulting services for mine surveying

We are highly specialized in consulting services for both survey and operating license holders.  We provide wide range of consulting services such as step by step real time information on ore deposit fields, methods to conduct geology-survey, and all related legal issues. In addition, we provide comprehensive plans for future activities based on scientific and legal environments.

  • Survey for possible deposit fields

Also, we do provide initial survey for unknown deposit fields.All stages of survey and reserve evaluation of non-licensed fields can be performed by our company at high expertise level in order to acquire license from a proper authority.

At an advanced level of surveying process, we canconduct ore composition analysis, feasibility study, and the estimation of reserve. All the works will be performed by our highly skilled team members at a professional level. 


  • Geological mapping 

Our company creates geological mapping with any scaling in accordance with proper standards. We have done over 10 geological mapping for both private and public entities with advanced technology in the past.


  • Geochemistry and Sampling

Excavation of field and mountain (channel, shaft etc.) and sampling can be performed. In addition, we do work with certified laboratories to achieve highly accurate results.

  • Geodatabase 

We utilize advanced modern technology in our works. ArcMap, Arc, MapInfo, AutoCad, ERDAS imagine, ER mapper, Macromine, other programs help us to do our surveys and create databases. Also we can create the databases in any desired formats.


  • Geodesy and cadastral mapping

We incorporate all aspects of geodesy and cadastral mapping services at professional level.

Previous works contracted by the government


- Geological survey and map creation with 1:50,000 scale of Ulaanbadrah-50 field

- Engineering and geological survey of Burgastai port of Gobi-Altai Province, in accordance with the development plan until 2012.

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